Voluntary Electrical Safety Recall

Why is Medela undertaking this voluntary recall?

Medela takes customer safety seriously and maintains it as its highest priority. Therefore, Medela has decided to undertake a voluntary recall of a detachable wall plug, which is a component part of the AC power supply for certain Medela breastpumps. 


The detachable wall plug connects to an AC power adapter. Together, they are supplied as a stand-alone product, and are also supplied with the following models of Medela breastpump: Medela Swing, Medela Swing Maxi and Medela Freestyle. The product numbers are as follows:

Swing: 030.0040, and 030.0040-1 

Swing Maxi: 040.0011, and 040.0011‑1  

Freestyle: 042.0014 

Stand alone AC power adapters: 099.0273 and 099.0018

The entire unit is composed of two parts: (1) a detachable wall plug; and (2) the power adapter itself, with cord attached. A photographer of the two parts can be seen below, with the detachable wall plug on the right of the photograph.

Adapter image

Not all detachable wall plugs are affected. There are three types, which can be seen in the photo below. Only the plug on the right is affected and it can be identified because it has no markings on its back. If the detachable wall plug has a white dot or markings on the back of it, then it is not affected and does not need to be returned.

Electrical Safety Recall plugs

Detachable wall plug for AC power adapter for Medela™ breastpumps

What are the defects?

Medela has received isolated reports in Australia of the detachable wall plug breaking into two parts, thereby potentially exposing 2 metal terminals.  In the interests of customer safety, Medela has decided to conduct a voluntary recall (by way of provision of a replacement detachable wall plug) for affected detachable wall plugs. There have been no reported cases in New Zealand.

What are the hazards?

In rare cases, the detachable wall plug could break exposing 2 metal terminals and creating a risk of electric shock.

What should consumers do?

Customers should stop using affected adapters immediately. If the wall plug splits while inserted into a wall outlet, do not attempt to remove it until power to that outlet has been switched off. Breastpumps may continue to be used with battery power only. Customers can contact Medela's local distributor Fisher & Paykel Healthcare New Zealand on 0800 633 352 or by registering their details per the registration link at the bottom of this page to arrange for collection and replacement of their detachable wall plug. The adapter and cord are not affected by this issue.

Do I need to stop using my pump?

No the pump can still be used; it is only the adapter that needs to stop being used until the replacement detachable wall plug has been received.
Nb. The Swing and Swing Maxi will still operate on standard batteries. The Freestyle has a rechargeable battery and that will not be able to be recharged until the replacement detachable wall plug has been received.

Can I return to the store I bought the product?

No, the recall is being managed in New Zealand by Medela's local distributor, FIsher and Paykel Healthcare. Once you have registered for a replacement part, you will be sent your replacement part with a return paid satchel envelope to return the part you are replacing. We will destroy the part returned to us.

Recall information:

This recall is being conducted following consultation with Medsafe, Ministry of Health.

We apologise for any inconvenience experienced as part of this action and hope you can understand why we need to act in this appropriate manner.